Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Muslims Attacking Eskimos? What is Their Problem?

The irrepressible Fjordman at Gates of Vienna brings more news of muslim misbehaviour in Scandinavia--in this case Denmark.
In Denmark, Muslims are attacking the Inuit people, the indigenous people of Greenland, who have been a part of the Kingdom of Denmark for centuries. Whenever Muslims target non-Muslims with violence, this is blamed by the media on past legacy of colonialism, US foreign policy, Israeli aggression etc.

Well, Muslims are now attacking… Greenlanders.

And we all know they are evil, Zionist Crusaders with a long history of colonial aggression in the Middle East, right? Here’s a Scandinavian post on the subject, with my translations.Apparently, some Arabs feel that Greenlanders don’t belong in Denmark and should go back home where they came from (my translation):

Because Greenlanders have repeatedly been attacked by Arab and Somali immigrants in the city of Ã…rhus, Danish authorities have started an information campaign in local schools and a slide show showing photos from Greenland with comments in Arabic. Greenlanders have been subject to rock throwing, harassment and assaults by Arabs. Residents in the district of Gellerup stay in their flats for most of the day because they fear to go outside. “It baffles me that parents don’t react to this. I complained to a mother in my apartment building after her son had assaulted me, but she slammed the door shut in my face,” says Naasunnguaq, who uses the Inuit word for flower as a nickname because she wants to remain anonymous. She has lived in the neighborhood for 16 years. According to Lars, also from Greenland, Arabs have racist views of Greenlanders: “They cannot understand why we should be allowed to live in Denmark. Even if we try to explain that we are Danes and get [Danish] citizenship by birth, they don’t understand it,” he says.

I grew up with Eskimo friends, so I take this muslim behaviour very seriously. It would be one thing if the Inuit had invaded the muslim lands of the middle east and North Africa, with the intent of displacing the indigenous inhabitants. That would naturally draw a backlash, as the experience of Jews in Israel can attest.

But in this case, it is the Arab and Somali muslims who have moved to Denmark to supplant the native Danes through surplus breeding. If I know my Danes, they will not take kindly to these newcomers starting up trouble with third world peoples with a long historical connection to Denmark.

Go to Fjordman's article above for more about the muslim tendency to stir up trouble no matter where they go. I suspect this problem has more to do with low intelligence, than with their primitive culture. But both certainly play a part.

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