Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Will They Hate Bush Even More, If the Iraqis Can Find Peace?

The Iraqis have a tendency to act in ways contrary to what much of the rest of the world wishes. Certainly Bush and the Neocons would have preferred the Iraqis make a more orderly transition into the post-Saddam era. On the other hand, the US Democratic Party--banking on a triumphant march to the White House in 2008--cannot help but wish the very worst for Iraq and its people. They have built their political ambitions upon the utter defeat of Bush. If the Iraqis succeed, with Bush given even a small portion of the credit, the US Democratic Party can forget about the White House for four more years.

The tribal leaders I have spoken with, like General Sadoon, were sympathetic to al Qaeda until recently because they saw al Qaeda as a hedge against the Shia and the Persians and because they opposed the U.S. occupation.

"They said it was jihad," Sadoon said, "but this is not jihad. These men are butchers and thieves."

After seeing that al Qaeda had nothing to offer but death, violence, extortion and Sharia courts, they flipped to the coalition.

...Each area of operation is different. Khalidiyah is only 35 kilometers from Kharma and Kharma is only 33 kilometers from West Rasheed, Baghdad, but they are nothing alike.

Anyone who says they can speak with definitive knowledge about all of Iraq is a fool or a liar or both.

A person with definitive knowledge of Iraq would have to discuss the situation in terms of 4 or more general areas of operation and then break those down even more to Battalion by Battalion areas.

But even if a person was to circulate to every battalion in Iraq, by they time he finished, the situation would have changed at the battalions he visited first.

This is the nature of warfare. But many members of Congress think after a five-day-junket and a few power point presentations they can make sweeping pronouncements that they understand Iraq.

Which makes them fools and possibly liars.

But I was not referring to just the Bush-haters in the US and the western world. If Iraq finds any little bit of peace and modernity, Bush will be hated to the ends of the earth by the Wahabis, Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Qaeda, and every other violent and bigoted organisation promoting bloodletting in the service of global jihad and islamic supremacy.

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