Saturday, May 05, 2007

Saudi Women Strip for the Internet Behind Closed Doors

This has become something of a scandal in the Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Their girls and women are stripping for strangers over the internet, to obtain an admiration and acknowledgement that they are denied in their daily life. It is one thing for this type of decadent behaviour to be performed by infidels--but your own wife or child?

The video does not reveal whether religious clerics are calling for these females to be killed or mutilated for their internet activities.

When women are treated as cattle--as property--one cannot expect them to do otherwise than to escape in any way that they can.

There are many different ways to interpret Islam. The Wahabis of KSA have chosen one of the most oppressive interpretations, creating a nation-sized prison in the process. The young men can go off and become martyrs for their aging and evil religious puppetmasters back home. Meanwhile, back in the desert villages, the pampered imams secretly watch young arab women stripping for the camera.

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