Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Support Iran's Progressive Theocracy--Urge Bush's Army to Leave Iraq

There is no government like Iran's holy mullahs. The Iranian government believes that Allah created nuclear weapons to be used--by Allah!! And if Allah chooses to let his servants do the dirty work, then, by Allah! the mullahs of Iran stand ready to do whatever it takes. One thing stands in the way--the pesky Bush and his Army, parked in Iraq. So if you value the progressive theocracy in Iran, and everything it stands for--tell Bush to get the fuck out of Iraq!!!
Al Qaeda is not our only enemy in Iraq, however. Iran has chosen to fight a proxy war against us there, determined to work our defeat for its own purposes. Iranian weapons and even advisers flow into Iraq and assist our enemies, both Sunni and Shia, to kill our soldiers and attempt to establish control over Iraq itself. This Iranian support is not the result of a misunderstanding that could be worked out if only we would talk to the mullahs. It is the continuation of nearly three decades of cold war between Iran and the United States that began in 1979 with an Iranian attack on the sovereign American soil of the U.S. embassy in Tehran. The states of the Arabian Gulf are watching closely to see who will win. If Iran succeeds in driving America from Iraq, Iranian hegemony in the region is likely. If that success is combined with the development of an Iranian nuclear weapon, then Iranian hegemony is even more likely. Dominance of the Middle East by this Iranian regime would be very bad for America. And a nuclear arms race in which Arab states tried to balance against Iranian power would also be very bad for America.

The funny thing is, western leftists, college professors, and feminists are lining up to defend Iran's mullahs and mad dog Ahmadinejad, while foaming in the mouth in hatred at Bush. That shows that the mainstream media has done its job well, because otherwise the popular backlash against these pseudo-intellectual circular jerkulators would be frightening.

But the media--who almost never leave their hotel rooms and hotel barrooms in Iraq, have gotten together and decided to tell a story about Iraq that most of the coalition service members who have actually been to Iraq (not hiding under their beds like the "journalists" do) say is not true.

Gotta love the people who join the popular chorus without understanding who is pulling their strings and waving their baton.

If you love Iranian mullahs, and Iranian power--you've gotta tell Bush to bring the troops home--even if they volunteered to do exactly what they're doing.

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