Monday, December 31, 2012

Corrupt Chinese Communists Risking Violent Collapse

"China's 100 years of bloody and violent history - especially the painful and tragic lesson of the decade-long Cultural Revolution - show that once we go against the tide of democracy, human rights, rule of law and constitutional government, the people will suffer disaster and social and political stability will be impossible,"...

...Xi himself warned shortly after becoming party boss that if corruption were allowed to run wild, the party risked major unrest and the collapse of its rule. _Warning from Chinese Academics to Leadership
A group of prominent Chinese academics courageously sent an open letter to Chinese Communist Party leaders, warning them that they risk a violent collapse of government unless they move away from the current course of policy.

The massive corruption in Chinese society and within Chinese government is becoming impossible to hide from average Chinese citizens. Most of the Chinese people live in poverty, and only the hope of a better future keeps them from organising to revolt.
About 65 Chinese academics, lawyers and human rights activists have signed a similar letter demanding top party members reveal their financial assets, saying it is the most fundamental way to end corruption.

Analysts have been searching for signs that China's new leaders might steer a path of political reform, whether by allowing freer expression on the Internet, greater experimentation with grassroots democracy or releasing jailed dissidents.

But the party, which brooks no dissent to its rule and values stability above all else, has so far shown little sign of wanting to go down this path...
The communist leadership has been successful for several decades, in herding the Chinese people like sheep. A relative few of the more enterprising and better connected have earned fortunes -- but most are still being left behind.

Of those who have built riches, most of them have made plans to move their funds and families overseas, as the regional or national situation begins to show signs of collapse.

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