Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Black Gang Murders Being Ignored by Media

Josh, Killed by Black Gang Bangers on a Lark

Black gang violence in US cities is out of control, with the news media working overtime to keep the stories of murder and mayhem out of the news and out of the public eye.

Colin Flaherty, author of "White Girl Bleed a Lot," was interviewed by Front Page Magazine recently. He discusses the murder of the young man pictured above, the ugliness of black on white violence, and the ideological crusade of the skankstream media to prevent average Americans from learning about the de facto race war being carried out under the noses of the police and the media.
I would like to talk to you today about the recent murder of 20-year-old Joshua Proutey, who was shot for being white by a gang of four blacks who were out targeting white people who were “bound to have money” – as you reported in your story on this for
Tell us what happened.
Flaherty: Four black people in Wilmington, North Carolina needed money for marijuana and traveling. So they set out to get it by robbing white people.  They tried to break into a house, but were seen, so they fled. They stalked a woman through downtown Wilmington, but she escaped. Finally they came upon a 20-year-old college kid named Joshua. They took his money, cell phone and sandwich. Then he asked them to only take his money and not his ID because he explained to them it was hard to replace. Then they shot and killed him. The reason I wrote about this for and for my book, is not that it is special, but because racial violence is increasingly common and most media ignore it.
FP: What do you mean it is not “special”?
Flaherty: Racial mob violence and lawlessness ignored by the media and downplayed by the police is now so common I could write a story about it every day.
My backlog is enormous. There have been recent examples of black mob violence and lawlessness in Norfolk, Los Angeles, Tacoma, Seattle, Chicago, Philadelphia, New Haven, Gaithersburg, England, Ireland, Canada, Baltimore, Phoenix. We have black mob violence against gays, women, Asians, and on and on and on. These are all in addition to more than 400 cases I have already reported from 80 cities around the country.
Much of it is on YouTube.  Yet no one is connecting the dots. They even refuse to admit the dots exist._Much more at FrontPageMag

Americans -- both black and white -- must decide whether they wish to preserve a prosperous and civil society. If so, they must make some hard choices. The alternative is certain to lead to escalating violence and civil insurrection easily on the scale of the US inner city riots of 1968. Except this time, dozens of cities could be involved, rather than merely handfuls.

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