Wednesday, October 03, 2012

4 More Years of Obama Makes Violent Social Turmoil Virtually Inevitable

Grice looks at some examples from history where currency debasement led to a complete breakdown of the social fabric of communities like the Roman Empire, France during the revolutionary period at the end of the 18th century, and Weimar Germany.

In every case, citizens turned on each other as a sharply devalued currency led to a breakdown of trust between members of society.

A perhaps lesser-known incident that Grice brings to light, however, is a period in Britain during the late 16th and early 17th centuries when the country was rocked by witch trials.
 British witch trials peaked with the medieval price revolution
Société Générale
..."All I see is more of the same . . ."

  _Dylan Grice
Los Angeles 1992

The modern equivalent of witch trials is ethnic, race, and gang riots, such as cropped up in 1992 from Los Angeles to Toronto (mostly Los Angeles).
Reginald Denny's Diversity Celebration

If Obama is defeated in the November US elections, some degree of racial violence is anticipated. But if Obama is re-elected and allowed to complete the job of destroying the glue of social cohesion and trust along with the global reserve currency -- the US dollar -- one should expect much much worse, and over a much wider area.

As Dylan Grice recommends in the linked piece above, it is time to invest in safe havens.

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Eshenberg said...

So what,they just probably be more attacks,more deaths and that's all..... Whites will give them more "money" ups status make them first class citizens, to avoid more damage.
Alfin2100 - "
The US is not likely to be divided into pieces on the basis of race. That is not to say that the US will not eventually be divided into pieces. Another Obama term will continue to deepen divisions and worsen overall conditions to the point that the whole may not be able to hold together."
The weaker become, the more can take away from you.