Monday, May 14, 2012

Why Europe Can't Compete

“The fact that energy is cheap in the US, and probably will be for a long time, is changing the game,” Mr Clamadieu said. “Electricity’s getting more and more expensive in Europe, and some of the decisions that have been announced regarding nuclear energy production will certainly move the price in the wrong direction. For industry this is really a concern.” __Financial Times _via_GWPF
Industrialists and businessmen and women from Germany to France to the UK are becoming worried about the anti-energy policies of their own governments. European business and manufacturing are being put at a distinct disadvantage because of the energy starvationist and carbon hysteric green policies that are dominating Europe at this time.
Germany accelerated its withdrawal from atomic power following last year’s Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, while Belgium is considering phasing plants out sooner than expected. In France, the new Socialist president, François Hollande, has promised to cut reliance on nuclear energy from 75 per cent of electricity production to 50 per cent.

The issue of energy costs is acute in France because the country is desperately trying to improve its industrial competitiveness to make up ground lost to Germany.

“The debate on energy is a bit difficult to understand for someone who wants to have a rational approach,” Mr Clamadieu said. “It’s very difficult to replace nuclear produced electricity, which costs about €40 per megawatt hour, with a wind turbine put far away in the sea, which costs €200 per megawatt hour.” _GWPF
The convergence of politics and faux environmentalism is never rational. When politicians and greens get together, watch out.

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