Sunday, May 13, 2012

The New Communism: Let's Kill 1 Billion People This Time Around

20th Century communism only killed 100 million people. But the new communism has set its sights much higher. As one of "New Communism's" leaders told an Occupy Wall Street crowd in Zucotti Park NYC: "Try again. Fail again. Fail better." Or put more accurately, "Fail bigger."
Occupy Zombies

The mainstream skankstream media would have you believe that the occupy zombie movement (OWS) originates in the grass roots of disaffected populations, particularly the young. But in truth, new communism movements such as OWS originate in the sinecured halls of unlimited hubris, academia. New communism is a denial of history and an elevation of an ever-malleable utopian fantasy as the proper standard of human effort and behaviour.
The communist idea or “hypothesis” is then placed beyond empirical refutation. “The eternal idea of the [Chinese] Cultural revolution survives its defeat in socio-historical reality,” insists Zizek, while for Badiou, “failure is nothing more than the history of the proof of the hypothesis.” Under scrutiny, it becomes clear that we are not dealing with a communist “hypothesis” at all—that would involve testing and the possibility of falsification—but rather a communist dogma, and the relation of the new communists to that dogma is fundamentally religious, marked by piety and faith, and not at all critical.

...the refusal to face up to the criminal record of actually existing communism as a social system, let alone stare into that abyss until one’s politics and theory are utterly reshaped by it, tells us that the new communism remains within the orbit of leftist totalitarianism. _NewCommunism

But the situation is far more dire than the author of the piece suggests. The movement is not a simple quasi-religious political dogma. New communism has merged with the faux environmental religion of Luddite greenism, to form a far deadlier real-world synthesis than would have been possible had the movement stuck to mere politics and political economy.

With the addition of greenism, new communism is now entrusted with the task of saving the world. Not the human world, but rather the natural world, without humans. Humans are expendable, disposable, in this new synthetic movement.

The largely unstated goal of the great green movement of the late 20th and early 21st century has always been a drastic pruning of the human tree. The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement (VHEMT) is the happy face pasted over this ghoulish enterprise. According to VHEMT, it is the moral duty of humans to go extinct as a species, voluntarily.

Another website,, portrays a great human dieoff as a fait accompli -- something that is inevitable and imminent. The basis of the human dieoff in this case is a catastrophic collapse of civilisation caused by resource depletion.

But it is carbon hysteria -- catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW) -- which is the greatest ally of "the new communism" movement, by its very ubiquitous, state-sponsored nature. CAGW is everywhere, from K-12 to post-grad, from the tabloids to the science journals, from the White House to the UN. CAGW permeates modern societies like a malignant cancer. Not a real cancer, actually, but a hysterical, imaginary cancer that carries the force of reality like a voodoo zombie curse that kills.

Under the spell of carbon hysteria CAGW, governments are empowered to seize, regulate, and prohibit virtually anything that can be portrayed as an agent of climate change. Wielding the hammer of CAGW, nothing is out of reach of the state-sponsored zombies of collective mind clones.

So what is the bottom line? Does the new alliance -- the new communist faux environmental alliance -- really want to kill 1 billion people this time? No. The preferred number is between 6 billion and 6.9 billion humans, to be killed or otherwise made to disappear. Most hard-core lefty-Luddite dieoff.orgy greens would like to see the global human population reduced to around 100 million, from the current number of about 7 billion. But there are some who would show mercy, and settle for a 90% reduction to about 700 million surviving humans.

We should not make the mistake of assuming that the new lefty-Luddite green dieoff.orgy movement is simply the new enemy of right wing politics, or of the capitalist upper class. This movement-of-many-faces is the enemy of the human future. To these zombies, humans have had their chance and have failed. It is now a zombie world, to do with as the zombies choose.

Hope for the best. But prepare for the worst.

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