Saturday, December 24, 2011

Yes, Virginia, China Still Uses Political Prisoners as Organ Donours

Thirty-six scheduled executions would translate into 72 kidneys and corneas divided among the regional hospitals. Every van contained surgeons who could work fast: 15-30 minutes to extract. Drive back to the hospital. Transplant within six hours. Nothing fancy or experimental; execution would probably ruin the heart.

With the acceleration of Chinese medical expertise over the last decade, organs once considered scraps no longer went to waste. It wasn’t public knowledge exactly, but Chinese medical schools taught that many otherwise wicked criminals volunteered their organs as a final penance. _TWS

China is a land of many contrasts. The modern face of the Shanghai urban waterfront stands in contradiction of what is taking place in the hinterlands, well out of sight of western newsmen.

Outsiders would generally like to believe the best of China's leadership, given the rapid ascendancy of Chinese wealth and power in the world. If the coming century is to be "The Chinese Century," westerners do not want to wake up to discover that they have ceded superpower status to a nation that is little better than Germany under Hitler.
In July 2009, Urumqi exploded in bloody street riots between Uighurs and Han Chinese. The authorities massed troops in the regional capital, kicked out the Western journalists, shut down the Internet, and, over the next six months, quietly, mostly at night, rounded up Uighur males by the thousands. According to information leaked by Uighurs held in captivity, some prisoners were given physical examinations aimed solely at assessing the health of their retail organs. The signals may be faint, but they are consistent, and the conclusion is inescapable: China, a state rapidly approaching superpower status, has not just committed human rights abuses—that’s old news—but has, for over a decade, perverted the most trusted area of human expertise into performing what is, in the legal parlance of human rights, targeted elimination of a specific group.

... By the end of 1999, the Uighur crackdown would be eclipsed by Chinese security’s largest-scale action since Mao: the elimination of Falun Gong. By my estimate up to three million Falun Gong practitioners would pass through the Chinese corrections system. Approximately 65,000 would be harvested, hearts still beating, before the 2008 Olympics. An unspecified, significantly smaller, number of House Christians and Tibetans likely met the same fate.

By Holocaust standards these are piddling numbers, so let’s be clear: China is not the land of the final solution. But it is the land of the expedient solution. _TWS
China is not what you might have thought. It is not an orderly, well-behaved, good-intentioned and benevolent nation that is ready to become a global hegemon.

The neighbors of China better understand what a nightmare living under Chinese hegemony would be. That is why they have scrambled to form political and military alliances with the US and anyone else who might act as a cushion against Chinese aggressiveness and bullying. Not to mention China's hunger for human organs . . . .

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