Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Jim Rogers Explains Current Economic Situation

Jim Rogers is a world class investor with a useful perspective on current economic trends. It is worth a bit of time to listen to his POV. Although Mr. Rogers is not perfect nor omniscient, his ideas are thought provoking and closer to the truth than what one generally hears from the skankstream media.
In a pyrrhic victory for America, Rogers believes things will eventually get so bad that Americans will finally vote for real change and economic progress. Alas, the measures he feels are needed to cure our economy are so harsh that those same officials will also get tossed out when voters realize just how harsh the road back to prosperity is.

Regardless of the necessary suffering, spending cuts are needed in order to save the most fiscally responsible citizens, those whose savings are funding this disaster.

"What the Federal Reserve is doing now is ruining an entire class of investors," says Rogers. By forcing rates down and keeping the economy on a flatline, he believes the Fed could cause another lost generation of investments. Suffice it to say, vaporizing those who faithfully accumulated savings over the years is no way to restore confidence in our financial markets.
Rogers isn't simply a disgruntled American patriot, he's an investor with a legendary record of success. That being the case, and having established what the depths of suffering the world is facing now, the obvious question is where Rogers is putting his money to avoid or even profit from the pain. _YahooFinance

The US Federal Reserve is following the dictates of the Obama administration. The US regime which is currently in power, has dedicated its political capital to the destruction of the private sector and the middle class of the US. Both fiscal and monetary policies of the US government -- along with bureaucratic regulations and judicial trends -- all lead to those ends.

Knowing this, you had best do whatever you can to protect your assets and locate yourself in a reasonably secure location. Even if you do not live inside the US, the fallout from the Obama devastation of the US economy will spread to cover the globe.

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