Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Public Sector Unions are the Very Picture of Corrupt Politics

Public sector unions have a lot of politicians in their pockets. Witness the Wisconsin Senators running away from their obligations, on the orders of their public sector union bosses. It is beginning to happen more and more. Because the people who pay the bills have had just about enough. And even US Democratic Party governors can read the writing on the wall.
...Cuomo, along with Jerry Brown in California, are going to be doing the same thing as seen in .... Republican-led states: They're going to be cutting total compensation for state workers, whether unionized or not. Progressives such as George Lakoff, Rachel Madow, and the folks at Alternet may think that the whole "we are out of money" is a "ruse" but wishing away the godawful bottom-lines of oh, about 50 out of 50 states ain't gonna help unions or taxpayers in the long run. That's exactly what the brainiacs at GM and US Steel did on both sides of the bargaining table did back when the world changed and look where they are now. _Reason

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Government worker unions are a travesty, a pile of excrement heaped upon the body politic.

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