Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Intentional Homicide Rate by Region

The reasons for high crime rates among people from certain regions of the world has puzzled social analysts and observers for over a century. Blacks of African origin, in particular, seem to harbour higher crime rates wherever they may be in the world. It should be noted that the homicide rate for North America would be very close to the same as that in Western Europe, if the crimes of American blacks were omitted from the calculation.

In fact, that is somewhat how things are handled by the American media -- a studious avoidance of black violence and black on white hate crimes.
Intentional homicide rates per 100,000 population by region and subregion, 2004[6] Rate
Southern Africa 37.3
Central America 29.3
South America 25.9
West and Central Africa 21.6
East Africa 20.8
Africa 20
Caribbean 18.1
Americas 16.2
East Europe 15.7
North Africa 7.6
World 7.6
North America 6.5
Central Asia and Transcaucasian countries 6.6
Europe 5.4
Near and Middle East/South-west Asia 4.4
Oceania 4
South Asia 3.4
Asia 3.2
South-east Europe 3.2
East and South-east Asia 2.8
West and Central Europe 1.5
Table via Wikipedia.

Unfortunately, the violence appears to be deep-seated, ie, in the genes, as it were. No matter where a person goes, there they are. And there are their genes, acting themselves out through the person's actions. Immigration policies would take such things into account, if the policies were intelligently designed, with the well-being of citizens in mind.

Clearly racism is alive and well in the American black community -- where it is fanned into flames by an outspoken culture of grievance and ginned-up outrage at historical wrongs committed against black ancestors. Combine this racism and resentment with low general intelligence, low impulse control, and other behavioural traits likely predisposing to violence, and the result is high violent crime rates among blacks worldwide.

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