Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wisconsin: Ground Zero for the Effort to Prevent Fiscal Armageddon

Governor Walker of Wisconsin has proposed a few modest reforms for public sector unions which are long overdue. President Obama and the unions are angry about that, and bussed in thousands of paid demonstrators who combined with public sector union workers playing hooky from their jobs, to put on a most disgusting show of littering and attempted intimidation. Governor Walker appears to be unfazed.

Meanwhile, the Tea Party movement put on a protest in Madison which attracted thousands of unpaid, very tidy demonstrators, who -- unlike the union thugs and rent-an-activists -- know how to clean up after themselves.
Thousands of Tea Partiers gathered in Madison on Saturday, in an effort to rally support for newly elected Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s deficit reduction plan.

Likely 2012 presidential candidate Herman Cain, local Madison and Milwaukee conservative radio host Vicki McKenna, Gateway Pundit blogger Jim Hoff, Samuel “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher and conservative media guru Andrew Breitbart each took their shots at the union bosses who were gathering their supporters on the other side of the state capitol building.

McKenna kicked it off calling for the Tea Party movement to stay strong and committed.

“They want to think that you don’t matter,” McKenna said, adding that she thinks the union bosses want Tea Partiers to “submit.” “Are you going to submit, Wisconsin? Are you going to bend over Wisconsin?” McKenna asked to resounding “no’s” from the crowd

Cain followed McKenna saying that what’s going on in Madison is “Ground Zero” for what’s going to happen around the rest of the country. Cain said that union bosses and their crews represent only 10 percent of the population and that they use intimidation tactics to get noticed.

“My assessment of what’s going on out there right now is that the unions, which represent 10 percent of the workforce, they are getting 90 percent of the attention,” Cain said in an interview with The Daily Caller. “The 90 percent of the workforce, which works for the private sector, that voice has not been heard. I’m glad to see that the people here wanted to do something to get the other side of the message out.”

Tea Partiers echoed the message, too, that the reason that they hadn’t showed up in Madison to support Walker yet has been because they were working. The union protesters are supposed to be at work, so they are effectively protesting on the taxpayers’ dime, the Tea Partiers said.

Public sector unions and their thuggish allies seem to wish to push things to their limits. That is not a wise strategy, on their part.

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