Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Europe: What Are You Doing to Your Own People?

H/T Gates of Vienna

Europe is turning to the dark side of censorship, groupthink, and persecution of outspoken and independent thinkers. European leftism by itself is enough to destroy the continent, with its intolerance of free speech and association, and its dieoff.org style faux environmentalism.

But when you tack on the onslaught of immigrants from Islamic countries -- people generally resistant to assimilation, intolerant to other ways of thinking, of typically low IQ, low aptitude for escaping welfare, of violent impulses and high fecundity -- Europe is putting an exclamation mark to her own suicide.


Eshenberg said...

Interesting what about this situation would say Voltaire, He admired Islam in hes time,but also "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. "

al fin said...

Even Voltaire would have quickly reached his limits of patience and tolerance with an alien culture threatening to displace the French people and culture from France.

French prisons are filling up with Muslim prisoners, French buses and trains are full of bullying and intimidating immigrant youth gangs, cars are burning on the streets, gang rapes grow common where they once were rare.

Voltaire may have approved of free speech, but he was not stupid. The growth of Islam in Europe is the end of European culture and European peoples.

Anonymous said...

France is becoming Detroit.

We can say a Green Curtain is descending over Europe, with Islam encroaching from the south and radical environmentalism encroaching from the north.