Saturday, February 13, 2010

Can the Tea Party Movement Sprout in Europe?

Here is what the growing American Tea Party movement is about:

What the tea party activists do have is a well formulated set of ideas — small government, debt reduction, spending restraint, and an aversion to hurried, secret deal making. It is an agenda that is resonating with conservatives and independent voters who see the opposite behavior in Washington._J.Rubin 

It has been noted that Europe has the same problems with excessive debt, excessive spending, a bureaucracy growing exorbitantly large, and a central government that is nonresponsive to its citizens' problems, as the US government suffers from.  Some have wondered if a Tea Party movement for Europe might be just the thing:

Europe is in many respects an economic never-never land. It has a central bank to run a coordinated monetary policy, and a single currency, but it has several dozen finance ministries pursuing separate fiscal policies, many of which can be summed up as: Spend, spend, spend. In fiscal terms, "Europe" is often a riderless horse._RealClearPolitics

 Unfortunately for Europe, its people have never learned to emerge from the "groupthink" mentality which has dominated the Old World for millenia.  The Old World is known throughout history for murdering its prophets and wise men, and elevating its bloodthirsty maniacs to positions of power.  Old World residents are cowed in the face of authority.

Perhaps some Europeans can change, as they see their doors to freedom and prosperity closing irrevocably. More likely, the vast majority of Europeans will accept what they are told by authority and media, and behave like good little Euros.   And then, lights out.

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