Saturday, December 26, 2009

Leftism and Islamism Saving the Planet From You

“Think globally, act locally” works for environmentalism and jihad. Adherents of both causes are saving the planet from the same enemy — decadent capitalist infidels living empty consumerist lives. Both faiths claim their tenets are beyond discussion. Only another climate scientist can question the climate-science “consensus”: You busboys and waitresses and accountants and software designers and astronomers and physicists and meteorologists are unqualified to enter the debate. Likewise, on Islam, for an unbeliever to express a view is “Islamophobic.” As to which of these competing globalisms is less plausible, I leave it to readers: Barack Obama promises to lower the oceans; Hizb ut-Tahrir promises a global caliphate. The Guardian’s ecopalyptic Fred Pearce says Australia will be uninhabitable within a few years; Islam4UK says Britain will be under sharia within a few years. Mark Steyn
If you're counting on your government to save you from the coming age of neo-feudalism, don't bother. Your government is controlled by people who would rather doom you and your children to third class citizenship and impoverishment, rather than to offend religious supremacists or third world dictators with IQs under 90 (ruling populations with average IQs of 85 or below).

If you think something needs doing to preserve a future for you and yours, you'd best do it yourself.

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