Tuesday, September 01, 2009

More Video Footage From the Coming Dark Age

Maybe if you look the other way hard enough, they won't come for you. They'll come for your neighbor or your co-worker instead.
In modern Green Eutopia, one has no brothers, sisters, or cousins. Environmentally conscious Eutopians limit themselves to one child or none. That means that if the police are a little late on the scene, no one will help you. No one at all.
Too bad no one convinced the new arrivals to limit their progeny in the same way. As you can see, these novo quasi Eutopians are keeping the market supplied with unsupervised youth. And boys will be boys, especially when no one has enlightened them on the new tolerant lifestyle.
Things burn. Which is convenient for them, since they like burning things.

Video via niviusvir.wordpress.com/

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Anonymous said...

If you really want to see where this ends you should watch the three ten minute videos put out by a former resident of Detroit who goes under the moniker Camosilver on Youtube. These three videos are call A Tour of Detroit's Ghetto (one, two, three).

You've probably seen the still photos of that city, but the videos are even worse. Together the three videos are a glimpse into the future. What's is really scary is that in New Mexico there are abandoned cities that were left behind by the Anasazi more than half a millennium ago that look better than Detroit.