Sunday, September 27, 2009

Chicago Wins Olympic Gold Medal in Gang Bang

The violence shown in the video is an everyday occurrence in Chicago, Obama's town. This day, a boy died. On some days, people are left to live in a coma for years before dying. Some days, they are merely crippled for life. This is a Chicago that is begging and pleading to host the summer Olympics. As if Chicago government was not corrupt enough already.

The violence you see is mere recreation for the youth of Chicago. An afternoon lark, a way of letting off steam.

What you see is the creation of a culture that has elevated blackness to the pinnacle of victimhood. For almost three full generations, American blacks have been soaking in special government attentions and preferences, in a putative attempt to compensate for less than one hundred years of slavery under US government sanction (1781 - 1865).

The result of this special attention is the dissolution of the black family and a 70% illegitimacy rate for black babies in America. An all pervading sense of victimhood and a need to exact vengeance floods the ghettoes, the projects, the churches, the mosques, and the schools where American blacks live and come together. This victimhood and vengeance mentality extends up into the black middle class -- largely employed by government and hired under affirmative action policies. It extends into the wealthy black class such as those in professional sports, entertainment and media, and even wealthy blacks in business.

But it is in communities and other areas exposed to lower class blacks that the results of government preferences for blacks is exposed most clearly.

The boy in the video died that day. And more will follow. Perhaps your own child. A lamb on the altar of appeasement and government dysfunction. Chicago is a good example of this Idiocratic decay, but it is only one of many. The rot is widespread and extends into Canadian and European cities as well, due to many of the same reasons.

Chicago -- land of the Olympics? The gang Olympics.

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