Saturday, May 02, 2009

Obama vs. Godzilla: Is He Up For It?

The global derivatives bubble is at roughly $700 trillion, with the US' share roughly at $200 trillion (PDF).

Obama's first federal budget will be roughly $3 trillion, with almost $2 trillion of that provided by "imaginary wealth." Expect similar or larger deficits and budgets for every year that Obama is narcissist in chief. Obama is determined to prop up the millionaire / billionaire bankers, investors, and speculators who financed his campaign. Obama is willing and eager to joust the windmill of a monstrous investment bubble using the entire country as collateral. And make no mistake, Obama sees himself as the hope of the world -- not just the US.

How long can Obama keep up this charade? The old media is certainly behind the clown prince, providing smoke screens to obscure his gaffs and providing a loud cheering section to celebrate his "triumphs." But the new media is divided between the zombie pro-Obama crowd, and a growing number of disillusioned and skeptical thinkers.

Obama will double the US national debt in just a few years. Financial catastrophe is now all but certain, thanks to this incompetent boob. Anyone who has reason to believe that he will be adversely affected by the collapse of the US economy should perhaps be making contingency plans.

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Anonymous said...

The title of this post should be Obama vs. God, since his supporters see him as a messiah.