Thursday, May 14, 2009

Illegitimate Births Double in Japan and US!

Yes, between 1980 and 2007, illegitimate births in both Japan and the US have approximately doubled. Specifically, unwed births in Japan went from 1% to 2%, and in the US from 18% to 40%. The percentages roughly doubled in both countries, but of course the raw numbers (and raw impact) is much higher in the US. But if you think the US has a high percent of bastards, check out Europe:
Increases were much more dramatic in the other countries, with Italy rising from 4 percent to 21 percent, Ireland from 5 percent to 33 percent, Canada from 13 to 30 percent, and the United Kingdom from 12 percent to 44 percent.

...Iceland is the leader with 6 in 10 births occurring among unmarried women. About half of all births in Sweden and Norway are to unwed moms, while in the U.S., it's about 40 percent.

France, Denmark and the United Kingdom also have higher percentages than the United States, according to the report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. _Sourcevia_NewsAlert
Within the US, percentage of bastard births in the black population is 70%, and among hispanics over 50%. What kind of future will these children born without fathers into poverty and (probably) low IQ experience?

You are correct. Someone has to support employment in law enforcement, prisons, and the court system.


Anonymous said...

There is a long term threat, in that when the US government is unable to adjust welfare for hyperinflation, most of these illegitimate children may turn violent.

The best solution would be to eliminate welfare now and work down the minority illegitimacy rate down to the White rate (one in four) so that they can have working families, but the libtards can't seem to see the damage their worldview causes.

Eshenberg said...

Probably they just live together,simply don't marry,no divorce and than fight for money(if it's worth fight) :)
Off Topic- You wrote: "My allegiance is not to a particular race, but rather to western civilisation and culture."
But if there is not(if can say)ethnic,native European there will be no west civilization,culture etc.... even half Europeans and east Asians can go other road;)
[Now the world is much more complex than before,history may not repeat itself]