Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Obama "Feels the Terrorists' Pain"

President Clinton was famous for the ability to feel the pain of ordinary Americans -- and to remind them of this facility at every opportunity. President Obama is even more sensitive than President Clinton, with the ability to feel the pain of terrorists and anti-American dictators around the world. When not bowing to dictators, he is laughing at their anti-American jokes and accepting their gifts of anti-American propaganda. And still he has time to leak top-secret memos describing harsh interrogation techniques that reaped plentiful high-value information from proved terrorists. He is making sure America can never obtain such high-value information from terrorists ever again -- at least during his reich. Because he feels the terrorists' pain, so that when the terrorists hurt, Obama hurts.
The release of the memoranda means that we are unlikely ever again to get valuable information from terror suspects, because now our enemies know the precise lengths to which our interrogators are willing to go to coerce information, and that those limits stop well short of actually causing the terror suspect injury. _JWR
The interrogation techniques did not exactly involve "pain", as such. There was plenty of psychological stress involved, with the threat of pain and injury. But clearly the word "torture" may not actually mean what Herr Obama thinks it means.
Take the insect “torture.” Specifically designed for al-Qaeda operative Abu Zubaydah, a confidant of Osama bin Laden’s with a fear of spiders, it involved placing Zubaydah in a “cramped confinement box” with an ostensibly stinging insect. Except that the insect would actually be harmless caterpillar. No physical harm whatsoever was meant to come to Zubaydah himself and, in any case, the tactic was never used. As evidence of “torture,” this is far from compelling.

One interrogation technique that was used is sleep deprivation. Importantly, however, the memos reveal that the emphasis was always two-fold: to obtain intelligence and cooperation but only insofar as no lasting physical or mental harm came to the detainee. To that end, they stipulate that if the detainee were to be denied sleep then “personnel with medical training” had to be available to intervene “in the unlikely event of an abnormal reaction.” _FPM
As much like genuine torture as The Sound of Music is like hard core porn. And left-wing zomboids are plenty mad about Obama's actions. Oh, not because they feel he has gone too far in placing American forces and the American people at risk. No, leftists are hopping angry because they feel Obama did not go far enough in tearing down America's defenses against death-dealing muslim and other terrorists.
... there is the sense of anxiety and fragility that stems from the liberals' newly-won power. They control everything in government, and some fear what the responsibility of governing is doing to them.

Their president of hope and change has chosen not to prosecute the authors of the Bush-era "torture memos." He is escalating the war in Afghanistan. He seems determined to bail out the nation's richest bankers. For some on the left, it can be difficult to abide those actions and still maintain the image of one's self atop the moral high ground. So they lash out at the easy target... _WashEx
Any easy target will do as long as it is decidedly American, and dedicated to the safety and prosperity of the American people. Leftists are so predictable!

So we see that Obama feels the terrorists' pain, whether they are actually feeling any pain themselves. And we are learning that "torture" -- like "sexual harassment" -- is anything that makes the complainant "uncomfortable" in any way, at any time. There is much to learn from a US President who is so sensitive -- almost effeminately so. The first truly "metrosexual" president surely has more surprises up his laced, perfumed sleeves. We simply cannot wait to learn what they are.

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