Tuesday, November 04, 2008

If You Thought We Were In Trouble Before, Wait

Mr. Obama, narcissistic senator from Illinois, is the center of his own universe, a legend in his own mind from very early in life onward. He truly believes that if he thinks it, it can become real. No matter how many other people are involved. Because in the Obamaverse, only one person really and truly matters.
Obama’s speeches are grandiose. They are other worldly. He may talk about the war in Iraq, taxes or social security. It does not matter how mundane is the subject, he makes them sound transcendental and his audience is moved to tears. His worshippers do not go to listen to his plans. He has yet to offer any that is workable and different. They go to bask in his glory, to get high. Obama presents himself as someone with a unique vision and grasp of the entire problems affecting, not just the nation but the world, a pretense that is incomensurate with his track record.....When you fall for someone to the extent that Obama’s followers have fallen for him, you surrender your reason and individuality to him willingly. When millions of people surrender their hearts and their minds to one person the result can be catastrophic. This is what happened in Germany with Hitler, in China with Mao, in the Soviet Union with Stalin, in Cuba with Castro, in Iran with Khomeini, and so on and so forth. Today, we think these men were monsters, but that was not what millions of their worshipers thought. Those people loved them.

...Narcissists seek power. That is the whole purpose of their existence. Power for them is the elixir of life. Those who know about NPD can’t help but notice it in Obama’s posture, the tone of his voice, his demeanor and particularly his grandiose claims and unscripted adlibs.

Narcissim has degrees. When it is extreme it shows in the posture and the way the narcissist walks and talks. Obama's posture, exudes haughtiness. He is all puffery. Compare his posture to those of Hitler, Stalin and Saddam. _Making of a Fuehrer_via_KimduToit
I was resistant to this line of reasoning for a long time, because it is so easy to label someone a "Hitler", but not so easy to back it up. Ali Sina backs up his assertions more than well enough in his article excerpted above. The farther along the Obama train wreck progresses, the more obvious is the truth of Sina's observations.

I could suggest that you be afraid, but you will be whatever you choose to be. The more intelligent choice would be to get ready. Because the change that this fuehrer brings with him will not be the kind you will wish to adjust to on short notice.


Eshenberg said...

The One,The Only,Dear Leader..... O bams!
Huh probably Oprah W. is right I'm on the wrong side in His-story, like in 1917 and 1933 etc.....
It seams I'm to Narcissist,in some way..... >_<

Painlord2k said...

Only, by the 20 of January, Obama will not be able to say "We can".
People will want to say "I do" and "I accomplished this and that".

Americans are very impatients.
And people riding a tiger often end the ride in the stomach of the tiger.