Friday, September 05, 2008

This Woman Does Not Run From a Fight

Sarah Palin had a few words to say in front of a group in St. Paul last night. Those words were just the beginning of an ongoing show of strength by an extraordinary woman. Sarah Palin is authentic in a way that Barak Obama could never be, and the American people for the most part will not fail to appreciate the difference. Joe Biden? Who's that?
There is a big difference between someone making daily decisions as an executive, and one among hundreds who voices an opinion.

Palin has said “no” to hundreds of millions in federal handouts to Alaska; Obama has never turned away federal money and advocates spending billions and billions more.

Palin has governed a state that borders the former Soviet Union and Canada. Obama has served in the legislature of a state that borders Iowa.

Palin has been to the Middle East and has a son in the Army who will be deployed to Iraq next week. Obama visited Iraq for two days a few weeks ago.

Palin has governed a state twice the size of France, with rave reviews; Obama has governed nothing.

Palin has worked the last couple of years on the job, earning her salary as governor. Obama has spent the last couple of years collecting a salary as U.S. senator, but spending most of his job running for the Democrat nomination for the presidency. _Source
And so on. Palin is genuine, Obama is a mirage. That much is clear and will grow much clearer before election day.

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