Monday, September 22, 2008

Sarah Palin's Wisdom: What Obama Cannot Have

Barak Obama "only knows how to talk," according to his two daughters and wife, Michelle. He has never done an honest day's work in his life. Obama was loosed like a guided missile by his white Hawaiian mother, of Marxist persuasion. Obama's paleskin mother meant for her son to be a weapon against "the man", capitalist power structure. Her indoctrination of the boy, and her exposure of him to marxist acquaintances set BO's trajectory toward his current super-destructor path.

Sarah Palin is typical middle America. Raised in the American frontier state of Alaska, she only entered politics to address the corruption and ineffectiveness that she saw there. Sarah became a wife and mother, and through those normal life processes she began to notice things that were wrong. Starting with the PTA, going to the city council, then the mayorship, then the governorship of her state, Palin attacked the "good ole boy" network of corruption between government and corporate interests. She stalked corrupt interests like she stalks a moose. All business, based upon relevant experience, while discovering better techniques along the way. Wisdom from real world experience.
I have been asked by many why I have such confidence in a rookie Alaskan governor, given the rigors of the campaign to follow. (Many Republican pundits apparently do not.) I think we are starting to see the answers to that question. The proverbial “they” hacked into her private email accounts. They swore that her daughter was the real mother of her Down Syndrome baby. They sent legions of reporters and lawyers to Alaska to dig up dirt. They wrote columns suggesting that she was stupid, uneducated, dishonest, a liar, and worse still. All this was the work of moralists, who, in their more extreme manifestations, tried to flood a Chicago radio station to disrupt guests, who doctored photos of McCain to subvert his portrait, who disgraced the Atlantic brand by trafficking in pregnancy rumors, and who now publish the private email of Palin.

And? She is still smiling and apparently unmoved. Had they done this to Biden, he would have gone berserk. Wait—they didn’t do this to Biden, and he seems near berserk in his daily gaffes.

....The qualities that allowed a Palin to succeed without the power spouse, the identity politics, the Ivy-League cachet, the fawning New York editors and DC insider-press will ensure she does not implode on the campaign trail—and won’t in office either.

Barack Obama, in contrast, on numerous occasions has complained how tiring, how hard, how unfair, how racist the campaign has turned out to be; Palin never. I could not imagine Obama doing his hope and change thing in the Senate while holding a one-year-old and checking on four more children at home. And I wager shooting a moose or trying to navigate a snowmobile in the chill is a little harder than shooting baskets in one’s down time or offering riffs to the fainting at a Beverly Hills get together or Presidio Heights fundraiser.

Again my point? That the much deprecated “life experience” is every bit as important to leadership as is abstract learning. Both complement each other, but so far I think Palin understands the symbiotic world of word and the world of deed far more so than does Obama. And again, we are not talking about McCain, where the contrast only widens–and is far more important. _PJM
Barak, like most of his followers, is a whiner, a perpetual victim. His mother implanted that meme in his little round head when he was barely out of the womb. But he is an articulate whiner, which makes his followers believe that he can get them "justice." But like his wife and daughters always say, the man is just talk.

Palin can stalk, kill, gut, and butcher a moose just like changing a diaper, or slapping down a corrupt politician. All in a day's work. Obama can talk. And talk. .....

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