Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Modern North American University Statement of Purpose?

The revolutionary and progressive characteristics of this university are due to the revolutionary and progressive characteristics of its staff and its courses.

The educational principles of the university are: ‘Correct political orientation, plain, hard-working style, flexible strategy and tactics’.

We must overcome difficulties, contact the masses, and heighten our militancy. Anyone who is not politically correct does not deserve to be a student of this university, for he acts against the rules of this university.

To the class of graduates: ‘You must be brave, resolute, and tenacious. You must learn through struggles and be prepared to sacrifice your freedoms for the liberation of the world.

Written for the Production Drive of the university ‘Study on the one hand, agitate on the other; overcome ideological adversaries and unnerve the enemies.’ ‘Now study and agitate. In future you will rule over the counter-revolutionaries.’

The style of the university: ‘Unity, alertness, earnestness, and political correctness.’

Paraphrased from Mao's words of wisdom.

Well, anyway, it seems to be the accepted approach to education at the University of New Mexico Law School.

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