Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Too Stupid to Know . . .

. . . when people are trying to kill you, part III.

The recently released movie "United 93" highlights the difference between people who know their lives are being threatened, and people who cling to denial all the way to their deaths. The passengers of United 93 were no more intelligent or courageous than the passengers of the other three doomed flights. But because their flight was delayed a half hour waiting for takeoff clearance, the passengers on United 93 were able to learn about the earlier suicide flights into the two WTC towers and the Pentagon.

Even so, there were apparently passengers on United 93 that wanted to prevent the other passengers from taking action to try to stop the hijackers. Those were the passengers too stupid to know someone was trying to kill them. They remind me of a lot of people I know, who turn a blind eye to dangerous trends in society, focused only on their own minor, narrow, myopic concerns.

United 93 is one of the best films I have ever seen. A lot of people are too blase to see it. They may consider what happened on 9/11 to have been a freak of nature, less important or relevant than a tsunami or a hurricane. Past history to them, it apparently has no significance to their present or future in their eyes. You can even find people so deeply into denial who do not even believe 9/11 happened at all, but was instead a US government plot. In other words, they are too stupid to know . . .

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