Monday, April 23, 2012

US President Obama: Unlimited Debt, Poor Results

Mr. Obama's contribution to the US federal debt is unprecedented for such a short timer. And yet, Obama's rate of deficit building appears to be accelerating. So far, the most obvious result of this borrowing has been a redistribution of funds into the pockets of Mr. Obama's political backers and cronies.

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Unfortunately, Mr. Obama shows no sign that he will ever reduce his accelerated rate of debt buildup and cronyism. His attacks against the US private sector economy reveal his underlying intent: By attacking the source of national prosperity, and squandering resources on his political supporters and friends, Mr. Obama behaves like a carrion feeder rather than like a leader who wishes to rebuild a strong nation.

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The US president may not understand the difference between debt and production. He may not be able to comprehend the difference between rewarding political cronies and investing in a productive future. If that is true, American voters have a lot to think about between now and November.
It will be years before a definitive estimate of the damage Mr. Obama caused to the US economy can be made. The narcissistic ideologue is making the situation worse at such a rapid rate that wise analysts are forced to bide their time.

But the end result is that the US debt is ballooning out of control so quickly, that the world's only superpower is doomed by Obama to become the world's most powerful third world nation.

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