Friday, March 30, 2012

Trayvon Trial by Media: A Public Circus to Rouse the Rabble

The US media company ABC recently added to the media circus surrounding the Trayvon Martin shooting by releasing a police surveillance video, which ABC says does not show any sign of injury to George Zimmerman's -- the admitted shooter -- head. But now it seems that ABC "doctored" the image, obscuring any sign of an earlier injury. Why would ABC do this, knowing that it would only add to the murderous atmosphere of race hustling rage on the part of the constituency of professional rabble such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson?
In fact, not one but both camera views showed that Zimmerman has a laceration several inches long on the back of his head. Any blood had been cleaned up by the Fire Dept assets that had treated Zimmerman at the scene. Bruising would not have shown on the low-resolution video.

More disgusting is the obvious fact that ABC News used a strategically placed chyron (graphic) to cover up the back of Zimmerman’s head for their broadcast, covering up the video evidence that would have disproven their story. View the video at the Daily Caller, and you’ll note that they did not even need a chyron, as there was no need to transmit any additional visual data to explain the story. The only logical reason the chyron exists is to cover-up Zimmerman’s wounds.

ABC News doctored the video to sell a false narrative, in a dishonest attempt to brand a man a murderer. I’d be very interested to know if Zimmerman can pursue legal action against ABC for constructing this false narrative. _Source
If Trayvon Martin had killed George Zimmerman, the story would have never been told beyond the local media outlets. Had Jorge Ramirez killed Trayvon Martin, the story would have likewise never reached the national media. But when George Zimmerman kills Trayvon Martin, even President Obama wants a piece of the action.

Nothing makes human beings resemble monkeys like mass hysteria. In this case, the mass hysteria is being stirred not just by the usual suspect professional rabble, but also by top US politicians and the news media.

Not one of their finer moments.

The following video provides more information than the edited clips released by ABC News:

via Riehl World News

Other than an attempt to boost viewership, why would ABC News tailor its coverage in a way that would fan the flames of racial hatred?


horos22 said...

sorry... don't see it. guy looks fine to me.

I agree that the media is indulging in some yellow journalism here, but seriously. A 'stand your ground law' is controversial enough, but using it to protect a guy who not only PURSUED the guy who was shot, but specifically did so after being told by a 911 dispatcher NOT TO?

Anyways, you may not realize it, but you are engaging in the same yellow journalism by reporting unsubstantiated statements about his condition and by assuming that HIS side of the story is true.

Best thing would be to haul zimmerman's ass to court on second degree murder or first degree manslaughter, and get the forensic evidence out in the open. If the florida authorities had done this, there would have *been* no story.

They - and the 'stand your ground law' are the true causes of this media shitstorm. Any time somebody is killed, it is the state's duty to perform the best due process they can on behalf of the person(s) killed; florida is clearly negligent here. There was no weapon found on trayvon's person, the dispatch person told him to NOT follow the guy, and M. Zimmerman clearly caused the entanglement that led to his fatal shooting.

And yes, I'm sorry, but if the situation was reversed in race, and a black guy had shot a white guy (when the black guy was on patrol) there would be no story, but NOT for the reasons you state. There would be no story because THE POLICE WOULD HAVE HAULED THE BLACK GUY TO COURT.

So I would suggest to you that in your positions, you apply some rational thought to them and stop assuming a kneejerk, opposite, reaction to what the MSM states. Its the same reason I disregard fox news - and to a certain extent MSNBC. I know that they are ideologically driven, so far that they can't see the color of their own ideological glasses. You seem in danger of falling into the same trap.

al fin said...

"stop assuming a kneejerk, opposite, reaction... "

You could have saved a lot of time and space in your comment had you edited it as above. Heh ;-)