Sunday, January 22, 2012

Obama and Clinton: Friends of Thugs and Killers?

President Bill Clinton's administration acquiesced in the Taliban's ascension to power in Kabul in 1996 and turned a blind eye as that thuggish militia, in league with Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence, fostered narco-terrorism and swelled the ranks of the Afghan war alumni waging transnational terrorism.

...Now, U.S. policy is coming another full circle on the Taliban in its frantic search for a deal. This has been underscored by a series of secret U.S. meetings with the Taliban last year and the current moves to restart talks in Qatar by meeting the Taliban's demand for the release of five of its officials who are held at Guantánamo Bay. Mohammed Tayeb al-Agha, an aide to the one-eyed Taliban chief Mohammad Omar, has emerged as the Taliban's chief negotiator with Marc Grossman, America's Afghanistan-Pakistan (Afpak) envoy.

The Qatar-based negotiations serve as another reminder why the U.S. political leadership has refrained from decapitating the Taliban's top command-and-control. The U.S. military has had ample opportunities to eliminate the Taliban's Rahbari Shura, or leadership council...Yet, tellingly, the U.S. military has not carried out a single drone, air or ground strike against the shura. _JapanTimes
Obama's sympathies are rather unclear, whenever the Muslim world is involved. Anyone who has read the autobiographies of the former junior senator from Illinois can be forgiven for suspecting that Mr. Obama identifies more with a third world perspective, than with the perspective of a world order maintained by the first world -- specifically, by the US as the world's only superpower.
Since coming to office, President Barack Obama has pursued an Afghan war strategy summed up in just four words: "surge, bribe and run." The U.S.-led military mission has now entered the "run" part, or what euphemistically is being called the "transition to 2014" — the year Obama arbitrarily chose as the deadline to wind down all NATO combat operations....The central aim is to cut a deal with the Taliban — even if Afghanistan and the region pay a heavy price...

...Obama was right to seek an end to this protracted war. But he blundered by laying out his cards in public and emboldening the enemy....Within weeks of assuming office, Obama publicly declared his intent to exit Afghanistan, before he even asked his team to work out a strategy. _JapanTimes
Just as President Jimmy Carter facilitated the creation of the murderous Islamic government in Revolutionary Iran, and unbelievably destructive government of Robert Mugabe in the formerly prosperous nation of Zimbabwe, so did President Clinton oversee the creation of the terrorist Taliban regime of thugs and brutal fanatics in Afghanistan. One must naturally wonder what sort of bizarre and monstrous governmental abortions Mr. Obama is likely to midwife during his disastrous stay in office.

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