Wednesday, August 10, 2011

London Braces for Fourth Night of Horrors, Violence Spreads to Other Cities

Rioting in England’s biggest cities spread further on Tuesday night, with the first trouble in Greater Manchester.

Stone-throwing youths confronted police at the Salford shopping precinct near the city centre and looted shops including Bargain Booze and a pawnbrokers.

Police in Liverpool, Bristol, Birmingham and Nottingham were braced for a second night of violence after shops were attacked and cars burnt. _FT
Rioting and mayhem is spreading across the multicultural parts of the UK, as a preview of coming attractions for much of the rest of the multicultural western world. Poorly considered immigration policies are beginning to bear a bitter fruit. centres were also targeted with looting of shops including an Armani store in the Mailbox centre in Birmingham and a Tesco supermarket in Liverpool.

Shops shut early in Birmingham, Liverpool and Salford as police struggled to contain sporadic bursts of violence co-ordinated by mobile phones and Twitter.

After reports that some rioters were as young as nine, police called on parents to keep their children at home. Chief Constable Chris Sims of West Midlands police said some were “astonishingly young”.

...Shops in Birmingham and Bristol shut early on Tuesday for fear of further violence. West Bromwich, a town to the west of the city, saw a crowd of several hundred gather in the afternoon before police could disperse them.

In Toxteth, Liverpool, many youth and community centres closed and shops shut early. Andy Ward, assistant chief commissioner of Merseyside police, blamed a criminal minority for the violence. He said it would use CCTV images to track down offenders and asked for the public to send in any images taken of offenders.
Multicultural areas of western cities have always been the weak link of western civil society -- ever since these nations began importing uneducable, unassimilable third world migrants. When the human substrate of a culture cannot maintain the high levels of performance necessary for a high technology civilisation, the society begins to break down.

The ongoing UK rioting demonstrates how enthusiastically the multicultural residents of western cities will participate in the destruction of their host societies' infrastructure.

Be forewarned and forearmed. Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst.

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