Wednesday, July 13, 2011

When Good Kids Go Mau-Mau

On June 20 of this year in South Carolina, a young man named Carter Strange was jogging home from visiting his girlfriend, when he was surrounded by eight adolescent males, robbed, and beaten to within a millimeter of his life.

The assailants / muggers were apprehended and face trial. Court transcripts indicate that defense attorneys are referring to the assault gang as "good kids" who used poor judgment in this case. Good kids who act like mau-maus from time to time -- every blue moon, or just when they see a lone white kid jogging down the street? Yes, of course the assailants were young black males.

White and Asian Americans are becoming accustomed to hearing stories of black gang violence, black flash mob violence, and the spontaneous violent expression of black resentment on an almost daily basis.

Respected writer Walter Russell Mead believes that pressure is building inside black communities to the point that America may experience another explosion of black riots and bloody mayhem such as occurred in the middle and late 1960s, and in 1992 Los Angeles....

Leaders in the black community appear to draw power and clout from such outbursts of violent blood-letting, and continue to pump up the resentment at every opportunity. US President Obama's recent attempt to create mass hysteria among American senior citizens over the reliability of their social security payments is just a mild foretaste of Obama's apparent ability and willingness to use the rampant resentment and instability in American black communities to threaten -- and even foment -- outbreaks of violence, in order to get his way on political issues.

70% of the black children born in America are born out of wedlock. Over the generations, this leads to a chain reaction of illegitimacy and a population explosion of unguided minds inhabiting the bodies of most of the US black population. Resentment builds inside individuals with low impulse control, below average intelligence, high rates of poverty, and a community that tells you that you can never get anywhere because outsiders are holding you down. Your music tells you to fight back, and cap some asses. Kill the cops, kill the man -- whoever you think the man may be at any point in time.

This situation is getting worse under Obama, who appears to encourage this ongoing hellish descent of the black community as a means of leverage and political power -- and a fund-raising tool.

The implosion-explosion threat is far worse than can be described in writing. A picture of everyday black violence could easily paint a thousand words. A visit to a maximum security prison would paint more volumes than could be contained in the largest library.

Mainstream journalism in the US refuses to face this explosive issue. Politicians will not admit the problem of pandemic black violence exists, much less the larger threat of wide-scale riots and destruction spreading out from black communities, should the call go out. Popular culture and celebrity culture will not touch the deadly tripwire with a 100 foot pole.

All that is left is for the informal media to spread the information as it becomes available, to anyone whose eyes remain open to see the world around them. It is up to individuals and informal associations to make whatever preparations they feel advisable.

In the meantime, US borders remain porous to outsiders -- both friendly (but untrainable and unassimilable) and malignant -- under the Obama regime. The US economy remains frozen in a state of uncertainty under the Obama regime of debt, debt, debt. Obama's war against the private sector continues unabated. Everyone suffers in this climate of opportunity destruction.

More and more "good kids" will go mau-mau the longer the Obama regime and its bitter aftertaste remains in place. Expect it. Plan for it.

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