Thursday, August 19, 2010

Will Obama Be Forever Known as the Unemployment President?

Unemployment numbers have risen to their highest level in almost a year.

But America is full of government and government workers. And even if government incompetence destroys the private sector and all its jobs, the government will still be there to help you.

There are 90,000 governments within the US! While not all of them can print money, the one that does print money is standing behind the other governments -- as long as their workers are unionised!

Mr. Obama has been good for unionised government workers. Of course, the public sector unions donated to Obama's campaign and participated in "get out the vote" efforts for Obama. What's a little corruption between friends?
If the governments of the US are not prepared to cut wages for government workers -- unionised or not -- there is not a chance in hell that they will survive the long run.

You need to start finding places to safeguard your assets where none of the governments can find them.

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