Saturday, April 17, 2010

Some Things Children Just Have to be Taught

Children are not born knowing how to manage money. If they are never taught how to manage and invest money, they are at a significant disadvantage in a capitalist society. Such grown children tend to end up at the mercy of others -- many of whom have few scruples.
Deadliest Sin #6 – Keeping People Blind about Money
It is not a coincidence that children are not being taught about money and personal finance in school despite the fact that “money” plays a big role in everybody’s life, regardless of age, gender or social-economic status. It is to keep them financially dumb. The rich teach every average American to go to school, find a good job, save money, invest in stocks and prepare for retirement. It is not for the benefit of the people. It is for the profit of the rich.

While that is what they are teaching everybody, they teach their own children a completely different set of rules about money so that they may become even richer. Keeping the masses blind about money is to make sure that they have a steady flow of employees every year who are constantly in need for money so the rich can generate their own income from other people’s work. _7DeadliestSins
Children are not being taught many of the things that they need to know. Instead, they are being taught how to be dependent upon large institutions -- particularly government. That's too bad, too, because government is populated largely by scoundrels, liars, thieves, and narcissistic clowns.

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