Sunday, August 16, 2009

Demography of Eur-Apocalypse

The old European is likely to live comfortably, to go abroad on vacations and have plenty of time for hobbies and entertainments. And to be child free, or perhaps one or two indifferently pampered children, if they can find the time. The new European is likely to be named Mohammed, to have twice as many children, if not twice as many wives, and to spend less time entertaining himself at operas and on vacations, and more time building a future for his family.
In a democracy, he who sires and raises more future voters than his neighbor will be the father of the future. But where violent movements such as Islamism and Islamic Supremacism are involved, just a small minority of citizens is enough to irrevocably alter the future of a society.
Muslim areas will expand as black holes of crime, governed by no police but Muslim police. There bombs will be built, rabid sermons delivered, stolen cars dropped off at chop shops and drugs smuggled through for distribution outside its borders. Murders, gang rapes, and every sort of crime will happen there without knowledge or recourse. These black holes will also pour forth a constant outcry of racism. And every now and then when the mood strikes them, the "youth" will pour forth to burn and loot. Source
As cars, neighborhoods, and large parts of cities burn, so does any hope of a peaceful and prosperous future for society at large. Peace with the violent disaffected inside-outsiders will only come with surrender of enlightened western rule of law, and equality under the law. Under the new regime of "peace", the majority is held hostage to the violent and intolerant minority.
As long as the European birth rate keeps falling, and Europe's borders remain open, and its politicians remain unwilling to begin exporting its former guest workers back to their countries of origin, Europe is doomed. The date may be unknown, but the trajectory is all too unfortunately clear.

When it comes to Muslims, Europe, Israel, America and every country infected with the Islamist plague retains only one real option, to deport them or to surrender to them. _FPM

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