Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Just a Warning -- This Time

On a Friday night when small children were inside the building, Sarah Palin's Wasilla, Alaska church was vandalized by fire. The fire bombing of churches may be common practise in the vicinity of Selma, Alabama, but it is relatively uncommon in the state of Alaska. Just a warning to the governor, perhaps, to keep her opinions to herself? Similar to the warning to stay out of New York City, or she would be gang-raped? Sounds about right, when you go up against politicians from the Chicago gangster school of political corruption.
Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's home church was badly damaged by arson, leading the governor to apologize Saturday if the fire was connected to "undeserved negative attention" from her campaign as the Republican vice presidential nominee.

Damage to the Wasilla Bible Church was estimated at $1 million, authorities said. No one was injured in the fire, which was set Friday night while a handful of people, including two children, were inside, according to James Steele, the Central Mat-Su fire chief.

He said the blaze was being investigated as an arson. Steele said he didn't know of any recent threats to the church, and authorities did not know whether Palin's connection to the church was relevant to the fire. _WaPo
I guess it doesn't pay to speak out against the great uniter? Who knows? Wait and see what the police and fire arson investigators can dig up.

Corrupt Chicago thugs have hit the big time, so as in Putin's Russia, it might be best to keep one's thoughts to one's self, eh tovarisch?

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Flippin said...

So it must have been liberals? Is that the takeaway here? I think that is a pretty weak argument. It is entirely possible that no one knew of Palin's connection to the church or that there were people inside. Some people like cruelty.

I think what is most important right now is that we locate the person/people who set the fire, then worry about their politics.

al fin said...

Hey, Flippin, you know if Obama's church had been fire-bombed it would be front page news for weeks.

The take-away message here is that it is open season on everything Palin. No one will know or care. There will be no public condemnations. Put Tina Fey up on SNL watching a church burn, so the audience can laugh some more.

Why are you concerned?