Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Regime Change Iran

Iran is only 50% Persian. The rest is composed of Kurds, Armenians, Azerbaijans, Arabs, Turkmen, and other ethnicities. A lot of these non-Persian Iranians are feeling a bit left out of the revolution.
There are 12 million Kurds spread across four provinces in Northwestern Iran and another one million Kurds in a far-eastern province. Iran’s total population is estimated at more than 60 million.

As with Kurds in neighboring states, the Iranian Kurds have a series of discrimination complaints. He ticks them off. Kurds are deprived of education in their mother tongue and denied money for schools and roads, even though they pay heavy taxes to the central government, according to Mohtadi. Generally, Iran’s Kurdistan is run not by Kurds, but by people appointed by Tehran. Not a single police chief is a Kurd, he said. Indeed, none of the top jobs in the four Kurdish provinces are held by a Kurd. “It is a cultural occupation, a case of clear discrimination.”

....Still, support is growing among Kurds in Iran, he said. “A decade ago, it is very difficult to get cooperation. Now people complain that you don’t give them missions. Why am I not a member? they ask me.” You have to earn the right to be a voting party member, he explains.

“We have had 4,000 martyrs in past 28 years, now new recruits are strengthening the party.”

Azerbaijanis came late to liberation movement but their democratic management is growing fast. “This is one of the biggest political changes is that we have managed to win over the Shiite Kurds of southern [Iranian] Kurdistan,” he said.

The internal organization for leading and organizing clandestine staff has doubled twice in the past year, according to Abu Baker Modarrisi, who is a member of the collective that runs the clandestine service.

“We send people into Iran every day,” he tells me. “We sent an organizer yesterday to a Kurdish city to set up a cell.”

While western leftists and other morons act as public apologists and doormats for the bloodthirsty Iranian dictatorship, it is the people of Iran, neighboring Iraq, and Lebanon who are suffering.

Eventually the butchers of Tehran will get their due. When they do, they will possibly be wondering about the paucity of virgins, and the sulfurous odours, in Paradise. Just kidding. But if you cannot joke about an idiotic group of people who hold idiotic beliefs, what can you joke about?

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