Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Government--Not Your Friend: Hear the Baron

Baron Bodissey at Gates of Vienna blog has laid out a manifesto for non-governmental action by private citizens against the threat of encroaching barbarism that is islamism. For those who, like me, think governments are too deeply into appeasement and political correctness to do their citizens much good in this clash of civilisations, consider what the good Baron says:

* The legacy media control the view that most of the public has of what happens in the “War on Terror”.
* They want us to lose because Republicans are in charge.
* Therefore they threw the election to the Democrats.
* Thus we will get what we voted for from our elected officials: retreat, denial, passivity, appeasement, and dhimmitude.

But that’s just the government that I’m talking about, and the government is not where the action is now. The synchronicity of the election and my involvement with the 910 Group has opened a view into a whole new way of doing things. If we wait for the government to do things, we are doomed. If we expect the government to follow the prudent course and prosecute the Counterjihad with the appropriate zeal, we are living in a fantasy world.

The government is constrained by political reality, and political reality is conditioned (if not generated) by the MSM, so we are stuck with a useless government. Eventually the new media will supplant the old, and our viewpoints will become more like the norm. At that point elections might start to reflect what the majority of people really feel about Islam, multiculturalism, and illegal immigrants (a.k.a. “undocumented Democrats”). But we’ve got at least another ten years before that happens.

In the meantime, our Western governments — with the possible exception of Denmark and Australia — are going to be more of a hindrance than a help in fighting the information war against the Jihad. As I’ve said on numerous occasions, we’re on our own.
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But that’s our big advantage. Getting the government to react to an info-attack from the terrorists (via their media or CAIR surrogates) is like trying to turn a battleship to avoid a torpedo. As we form our networks we create new response mechanisms which can assess and counter the enemy’s offensives at the same speed at which the enemy operates.
More over at Gates of Vienna.

The challenge at this time is devising ways that concerned westerners can participate in effective action against the barbarians without having to wait till hell freezes over for their governments to act. The Baron has ideas. So do others. If Bush accomplished just one worthwhile thing with his presidency, it may just be focusing the efforts of violent jihadi supremacists on Iraq--where they largely self-destruct--while slow witted westerners belatedly come to their senses and recognize the need to act outside their governments.

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