Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Honour Killing in Denmark--Murderers Receive Justice Finally

A recent "honour killing" of a young muslim woman in Denmark has received close attention around the world, to see how the Danish courts would deal with an obvious muslim family conspiracy to commit cold blooded pre-meditated murder. The Danish courts have submitted their sentencing, and they were not lenient.

Worldwide, Islam is mainly a religion of impoverished peoples from harsh tribal traditions. Women are often beaten by husbands routinely, and daughters and wives can be murdered at will for being seen in the proximity of a male stranger. In muslim countries, men have become accustomed to murdering women, and not receiving meaningful punishment for the crime.

In fact, muslims consider women to be property. This is one of the reasons for the high levels of spousal abuse and father-daughter incest in muslim communities. One can dispose of one's property as one sees fit.

In Saudi Arabia, women are not permitted to drive a vehicle, because Saudi men are worried that their women might get involved in a sexual impropriety, were the women allowed out on their own. Then the husbands would be forced to murder the wives, and all that killing and subsequent re-marriage can tend to get a bit cumbersome, you know?

To truly understand the dysfunctionality of Islamic male-female relationships, one must read books such as "The Trouble With Islam" by Irshad Manji and "Leaving Islam" by Ibn Warraq.

Women's shelters across Europe are full of abused muslim women, just as European prisons are filling with muslim males. The muslim influx is straining the social services of European countries, yet only a few European countries have moved to limit muslim immigration.

Perhaps news of the court sentences given to the family conspirators in Denmark will send a message to those still steeped in primitive and bloodthirsty tribal traditions.

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