Wednesday, August 24, 2011

You Know You Love It, Baby!

There are many reasons that America should be grateful to President Obama. Here is a short list (read the entire article for much more)
  1. The staggeringly high unemployment rate – 9.1%, not counting the Americans who have given up looking for work or who are underemployed.
  2. The still-tumbling housing values, now worse than the Great Depression.
  3. The inflation indicators, with uncounted sharp inflation in food and gasoline.
  4. The debt and the deficit, now too big to even fathom without an advanced degree in mathematics.

  5. The unfunded future liabilities –Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, public worker pensions, and the like.

When the S&P downgrade is thrown into this cliff-hanging mix, our fiscal situation goes from bad to worse. _PJM
Before the Teleprompter Was the Toke-a-Prompter
The author of the article linked above refers to Mr. Obama as the "Pass the Buck President." But if things get much worse, he may be forced to revert to being the "pass the toke president." Think about it: Someone who is high on marijuana is far less concerned about all the poor decisions being made on his behalf by his overlords in government, central banks, and crony-capitalist government-connected industry and labour unions.

If Mr. Obama were to legalise marijuana and make it freely available to everyone, Americans may not even worry about the fatal incompetence of America's coming Obamacare health care system, the breakdown of border integrity along the Mexican border, or the growing threat of collapse of the mainstream US economic system.

Marijuana is the answer to all of America's worries. And for those who worry more, rather than less, under the influence of marijuana, there are plenty of under-capacity mental institutions where they can be placed.

Mr. Obama has plenty of solutions up his sleeve. He is just getting started. He deserves at least 4 more years. You know you love it, America! Pass the toke, pres.

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